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    I am a fiber artist with the goal of my art being to connect with others and bring them a smile. My mediums are cloth and wool rovings. I love their softness which evokes feelings of friendliness and warmth. I enjoy their texture and variety, and the fun of making something unexpected.
    Following some serious health issues a few years ago, I found myself with lymphedema and neuropathy.Unfortunately, these problems affected my hands so that I can no longer do the fine sewing to make the cloth creations I have enjoyed so much.
    The good news is that discovered needle felting and am having a wonderful time playing in this field that is new to me. 
    Not being sure what to make, I was fooling around with some ideas when two little girls came into the shop. I asked them for ideas, and one of them suggested hedgehogs. Inspiration! It's good to still be learning and trying new things.
    Sophia, a jester
    Everything on my website is my own creation. Some of them are available at Imagine That, a local artists co-op in Midland, Michigan. I do not sell over the internet.
    My designs and pictures are under copyright protection and may not be reproduced.
    Many thanks to my husband and photographer extraordinaire for his beautiful pictures.